The "Phobia" collection of track designs for RollerCoaster Tycoon
(Requires Added Attractions / Corkscrew Follies)
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This collection of track designs was created for the official RollerCoaster Tycoon web site way back in November 1999, but has yet to be published on that site. So for the moment they are available for download exclusively from here.

The track design files are packed into a single .ZIP archive. Just download PHOBIAS.ZIP and then unzip the 14 files directly into the "Tracks" folder in your RollerCoaster Tycoon folder (Usually "C:Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\RollerCoaster Tycoon\Tracks").

All these track designs require the Steel Twister Roller Coaster ride type to be invented, and some designs additionally require Non-Looping Trains and Launched Lift Hill to be invented. These rides were designed to be as compact as possible, so the minimum of cleared and levelled land is needed. A good scenario for testing some of these rides is "Funtopia" - Just demolish the existing coaster, remove a few trees, and you should have space.

These files have been thoroughly tested and checked for viruses. However, they are provided "as is", no warranty is given, and the developer cannot provide any technical support for them. All content is (C) Copyright 1999/2000 Chris Sawyer, all rights reserved.

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