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Does RollerCoaster Tycoon work under Windows 2000 and Windows XP?
Yes, but  you may need to download a patch to update your game if you don't have the latest version - Go to to download a patch if you find your version of RollerCoaster Tycoon doesn't work under Windows 2000 or XP.
RollerCoaster Tycoon will NOT work under Windows NT4, as NT4 doesn't have the required minimum DirectX5 support (specifically, the DirectInput handling doesn't exist, resulting in right-mouse button clicks crashing the game).

I've heard you can change the names of guests to create evil characters who wreak havoc in the park - Is this true?
No! There are many rumours going around that the game includes special features triggered by typing in names of terrorists or other evil characters, but these are entirely untrue. Action will be taken against any web site or publication which perpetuates these untruths and tries to link RollerCoaster Tycoon, one of the most non-violent games of modern times, with these violent and evil characters.

So which guest names really do trigger special features then?
Try "Chris Sawyer", "Simon Foster", "John Wardley", "Katie Brayshaw", "Melanie Warn", "Michael Schumacher", and "Mr Bean" (These last two need to be named before they go on the go-karts)

Are there any 'cheats' built into the game?
No. There are many rumours flying around about in-built cheats (including some quoted in prominent games web sites), but there have never been any cheats in RollerCoaster Tycoon.

RollerCoaster Tycoon crashes on my system - What's the likely cause?
First of all, check whether you have the latest build of the game, and if you haven't, download and install the latest patch from The latest builds are V1.08.187 (RollerCoaster Tycoon), V1.10.026 (Added Attractions / Corkscrew Follies), and V1.20.013 (Loopy Landscapes). If you still experience problems with the latest build, the most likely culprits are either the Windows sound drivers or video drivers. You will need to obtain updated driver files for your sound and/or video cards - Contact the manufacturer of the card for more information. In virtually all cases reported so far, the problem has been in the sound or video drivers and updating these drivers has solved the crashes.

In the new Loopy Landscapes parks, I can't increase the park entrance fee. Is this a bug?
No, it's deliberate! You have to make money by charging for each individual ride instead of taking the easy option and fleecing people as they enter the park. You'll have to design each ride to attract guests and then charge as much as possible per ride to maximise your income. Remember that because guests have free entry to the park, they will be willing to pay a lot to ride the rides, if the rides are good enough.

Is it possible to build rides completely underground?
Roller coasters can be built completely underground - Just start above ground, tunnel underground, and then remove the section above ground. Other rides cannot be built completely underground in any released version of the game. An early Beta version of the game had an option to build any ride underground, but it threw up too many problems and the option had to be removed.

Why are the ride names in the Loopy Landscapes "Heide-park" scenario in German?
Because it's based on the real "Heide-park" theme park in Germany!

How do you build tunnel doors for the ghost train?
Easy - Just change the land side type to 'Grey Wall Edges' or 'Red Wall Edges' (more types are included in the Loopy Landscapes pack), and the ghost train tunnel mouths will automatically become doorways. Note that only 'level' tracks going into and out of these wall types will have doors.

Right mouse button clicks causing system crashes - Is there a solution?
If this happens, it's down to a problem within the Windows mouse driver. Several mouse drivers are known to cause problems because they don't correctly handle DirectInput calls, and sometimes the only solution is to change the mouse driver to a more general Microsoft driver instead of the one supplied with the mouse.

Why is the first guest in 'Forest Frontiers' guest number 3, instead of 1?
Simple - While this park was being created for the game, guests 1 and 2 wandered into the park, didn't think very much of it, and went home again!

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