Transport Tycoon graphics and their real counterparts 

This is the "Livingstone Tower" in Glasgow. It's part of Strathclyde University, and the top floors were part of the computer science department where Chris Sawyer spent 4 years studying for his degree back in the 1980's.

An older building in Glasgow, though I can't remember exactly where it is situated. The graphic is much modified, but you can see that some of the features are based on the real building.

These houses are near the Buchanan Street bus station in Glasgow.

Again this building is in Glasgow, probably the Clydesdale Bank building in Buchanan Street. The Transport Tycoon version has gained an extra floor, but is otherwise very similar.

The shopping centre in Transport Tycoon is very loosely based on the St.Enoch shopping complex in central Glasgow.

These five graphics were based on real buildings or proposals for buildings in reference books.

We don't have the details of these any more, but perhaps you can recognise the more distinctive ones?



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