RollerCoaster Tycoon's Amazing Jumping Fountains!

If you have played RollerCoaster Tycoon you will probably have built some jumping fountains at some point, and perhaps even watched them bouncing around for a few seconds, but have you noticed the various patterns and sequences they follow?  No, they don't just squirt water randomly, they actually follow quite a complex series of sequences. If you haven't noticed, then try building a large area of jumping fountains and watch them yourself - To do this, just start playing the "Evergreen Gardens" scenario, build a large paved footpath area, and cover it with jumping fountains, like this:

Then just sit back and watch for a few minutes, and see if you can pick out the following sequences!
(Note: Each sequence lasts for about a minute)

Sequence 1: Continuous Chasers
A single water jet appears to 'chase' in a straight line, changing direction only when it reaches the edge of the fountain area, and then carries on in a different direction.
Sequence 2: Bouncing Pairs
Pairs of water jets bounce back and forth along the sides of one square.
Sequence 3: Sprouting Blooms
A single water jet starts a 'blooming' sequence, sprouting jets in all four directions, which each then sprout four more jets when they land.
Sequence 4: Racing Pairs
A pair of water jets race each other continuously in a straight line across the paved area.
Sequence 5: Splitting Chasers
Single 'chaser' jets travel in a straight line until they reach the edge of the paved area, then split into a pair of chasers to travel around the edge of the area.
Sequence 6: Dopey Jumpers
A single water jet jumps randomly from one jet to another.
Sequence 7: Fast Random Chasers
Same as sequence 6, but the jets run faster, creating a continuous looking effect.
Sequence 8: Cyclic Squares
The four water jets at the corners of a square all start at once, squirting in a clockwise direction to create a square pattern.

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